May 14


Open chat

Ruby woke up that morning to head to work at Granny’s diner. She selected what she usually wore as a waitress. Her short red shorts and white button down shirt that had been mostly unbuttoned to a deep v and she had tied the bottom up to show her midriff. She grabbed a pair of black heels and headed to the diner.

She knew when she walked in the diner that Granny would criticize what she was wearing. Sure enough once she walked in the rebuking was instant. “You should be ashamed of what you are wearing. You are a young woman who is going to be the future owner of this diner dress like it” Granny told her. She pretend to listen to the lecture and rolled her eyes after Granny had finished. Ruby went about her typical day.

The busy lunch hour had slowed to a crawl when she heard ” Ruby come here please ” from Granny. ” Coming ” replied Ruby. ” It’s time to do the books for the week” Granny told her. Ruby gave out a heavy sigh and started to work on them. The longer she spent with them the more frustrated with them she got. Not to mention Granny kept coming in and out telling her “fix this.” “No it is written like this.” Frustrated Ruby stormed outside.

"I’ve had enough for one day with these stupid books" hissed Ruby angrily. She closed her eyes and began wishing she could be somewhere else but remembered that things didn’t quite work out for her the last time she wanted to leave. Ruby let out another heavy sigh and gazed upwards. Tonight is the full moon and she could feel the power of the wolf beneath her skin. Slowly she started calming down and was startled by someone who was walking up to her.

"Hi. How are you? " stated Ruby.

Apr 30

Group BIo:

Red Riding Hood // Ruby

(FC: ‎Meghan Ory)

Red lived in a small village with her Granny. She loved the being in the outdoors. She grew up learning how to explore and hike the mountains near her village. Her granny always scolded her because the village was terrorized by a wolf. Red never listened to Granny and just wanted to be free. She had fallen in love with a boy from her childhood named Peter. Everything in her life had changed for the better. One day she had gone in the chicken coop only to meet her new best friend, a girl who called herself Mary Margret (Snow white). The girls went on an adventure one night on a full moon to find the wolf, but no luck. On the night she and Peter were to run far away from the village, she transformed into a wolf and ate him. Torn by what she had become she and Snow had to run away from hunters. This led Red to the den of her wolf mother. She had to choose either to save snow or her mother and the pack. She ended up killing her mother accidently for her friend and freedom instead. After this Red became more attached to her friend Snow and helped her gain back the kingdom.                                                               

Ruby is a lively waitress at Granny’s Diner. She is not afraid to speak her mind or dress in an outrageous provocative manner. She spent her time trying to save up enough money to leave Storybrooke and see the world. She is friendly to everyone including the men. After Emma broke the curse she remembered how she had been best friends with Snow.  She later made friends with Belle. The two of them started to get along great. When an outsider came into town everything changed. Belle was in the hospital along with the outsider and Hook. Dr. Whale was forced to treat the outsider, but he went off the deep end. Ruby told her story to Whale in hopes he would see the world differently. The two developed a new friendship and somehow she started to develop feelings for him.                                                

   Ruby continued to live her life as normal as she could. Her ideas for leaving Storybrooke came to an end when she returned home to the enchanted forest. However, she had been transported back to Storybrooke as if she had never left in the first place.